Some of you might have heard of Bitcoins. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created.

It’s built on top of an internet of things technology called “Blockchain”. Not wanting to get into many details, blockchain technology is a network system in which every single node, or peer, has the exact same information and that information is validated by every node in the network. This makes the blockchain network nearly impossible to hack or tamper with. If a change was made on a single node, or a group of nodes without the consensus of the rest of the network, those changes would not be validated and dropped on the next cycle, therefore reverting any tampering attempts.

This is important why? Because blockchain technology gave birth to Bitcoin, a virtual currency that can be used in the real world and traded for real goods and services. Bitcoin is a decentralised currency. This means that, unlike the USD, EUR, etc, Bitcoins are not managed by a central bank or by a Government. Bitcoins are managed by the whole bitcoin network, that is built on the blockchain technology. It’s almost completely anonymous and its price has been rising significantly, today, May 13th, 2017, 1 BTC is equal to 1’565.62EUR or $1’712.5USD.

New bitcoins are made by mining, which, right now, is practically useless for the everyday computer user. you’ll need to have dedicated hardware that can cost several thousand dollars, plus the money you’ll spend in electricity, only to earn some Bitcoins a month. Luckily for us, there are other ways to get Bitcoins. I personally use faucets, I’ve tested quite a few, some work quite well, while others, not that much. The other methods include cloud mining, gambling, investing and getting paid in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. But to use bitcoins you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. There are several options, but for the new user, I heavily suggest Xapo wallet. Xapo provides some other services beyond the simple bitcoin wallet, but the most important is the Xapo Card. It’s a normal debit card that you can use in an ATM to take out cash, make payments, etc. you can get a Xapo wallet here.


Faucets are places where you go to a page, put your bitcoin wallet public address (more on that later) and that’s your login. There will be a lot of ads on the page, and be warned, 99% of them are scams and fake sites, but that’s how the Faucet makes the money that will pay you.  Some faucets pay directly to your Xapo Wallet (hence Xapo being my favourite) while others make you wait for a certain amount of Satoshi to withdraw to your public address. 1 Satoshi = 0.00’000’001 BTC. Personally, I prefer Faucets that pay directly to Xapo because that way I can have some level of control over my BTC.

The faucets that I’m currently using are the following. Also, all the links are referral links, meaning that if you start using the faucets from the links I put here, I’ll get a referral bonus from you, but you don’t get any less amount because of it. Basically. the referral system is a way that you help support my website.

  • Moonbitcoin: always pays directly to Xapo. Has 3 nice features. 1. You’ll get a daily bonus if you claim every day. Increases 1% for every consecutive day of claiming, up to 100%. 2. With every claim there’s a Mystery Bonus that can range from 1% to 100%. You can claim as many times as you want, with a minimum of 5 minutes intervals.
  • Fieldbitcoin: has a limit of 100 Satoshi before you can withdraw to a Xapo Wallet. Like Moonbitcoin, has a daily bonus and you can claim as many times as you want, with the minimum of 5 minutes interval. Doesn’t have the Mystery Bonus, but pays slightly more than Moonbitcoin. I’ve been using both in conjunction for some months now.
  • Bonus Bitcoin: you can claim every 15 minutes. Every day that offer 5% of your claims of the past 3 days, so if you claim regularly you’ll get a nice bonus every day. Also you can increase the amount of Satoshi earned by performing some tasks, like answering surveys or testing out applications (do this at your own risk and some of them could be spyware or malware).
  • Freebitcoin: This has a very interesting system. First, you can roll a “slot machine” every hour that can pay you from 0.00000118 BTC to 0.11757720 BTC as of today (this varies according to Bitcoin price). But this is not the interesting aspect of this site. When your freebitcoin wallet reaches 30’000 Satoshi they’ll start paying you compound interest of 4.08% yearly for the amount you have with then. At 30’000 Satoshi means about 8 Satoshi every day. Can’t say for sure because I way over that number. The best way to reach the 30’000 Satoshi is to channel your Xapo earnings to this account, that way you’ll reach the 30’000 threshold in no time and start earning compound interest. Also, if you use my referral link, every week freebitcoin will pay you a bonus of my earnings.
  • Bit Fun: I’m still testing this one out. Has a 10’000 Satoshi withdrawing threshold. Like Fieldbitcoin and Moonbitcoin, you can claim has many times as you want, with a minimum of 5 minutes intervals.


Task-performing are sites where you’ll get an amount of Satoshi per task completed. They range from clicking adds, filling surveys, testing apps and other stuff. Currently I’m only using one, that I believe that has the best ratio between payment and time used.

  • BTC Clicks: Basically you are directed to an advertisement page that must be open and in the forefront over a certain period of time (between 10 and 20 seconds), then will solve a captcha (usually simple math addition and subtraction) and you’re paid in Satoshi. When you reach 100Bits (that’s 10’000 Satoshi) you can withdraw your BTC.

Cloud mining

Never tried any. However, if you really want to get into mining check out Genesis Mining and Hashflare. They are the oldest ones around so they might worth checking.

Avoid scams

One of the biggest problems regarding Cryptocurrency is the sheer amount of scams there exist on the internet. 99% of bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, advertisement are scams. Some are more straightforward than other. I’ll leave you a small list of how to avoid scams.

  • Bitcoin duplicators – Usually recognised by the sentence: “give us an amount of Bitcoins and we’ll double it” or something similar. These are scams. You send your hard earn cryptocurrency and they are gone forever.
  • We’ll mine for you schemes – They look quite nice. You select the amount of Bitcoin you want to generate, like 0.5BTC and press start. A very nice looking terminal pops up and after a certain time, a few minutes you get the information that the chosen amount has been generated and the site requests your public address. You happily put it in and then the site tells you then in order to properly validate the transaction you need to pay a fee of around $10, but in BTC and they give you their public address for you to transfer the funds. They promise that as soon as your fee is validated by the blockchain you’ll get your BTC in your wallet. You happily pay and then you can wait until hell is frozen for you BTC. Stay away from any site that asks you money upfront!
  • Ponzi schemes – they work by making you invest, get others to invest, give you money that the others invested in order to make them more reliable and then, one day, they are simply gone and leave everyone out to dry. Don’t put money on sites that don’t provide public address key with proof of mine in the blockchain.

This list by no means covers every scheme out there. When in doubt apply the golden rule: “if it sounds too good to be true, then likely it isn’t true.”

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