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Some of you might have heard of Bitcoins. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created.

It’s built on top of an internet of things technology called “Blockchain”. Not wanting to get into many details, blockchain technology is a network system in which every single node, or peer, has the exact same information and that information is validated by every node in the network. This makes the blockchain network nearly impossible to hack or tamper with. If a change was made on a single node, or a group of nodes without the consensus of the rest of the network, those changes would not be validated and dropped on the next cycle, therefore reverting any tampering attempts.

This is important why? Because blockchain technology gave birth to Bitcoin, a virtual currency that can be used in the real world and traded for real goods and services. Bitcoin is a decentralised currency. This means that, unlike the USD, EUR, etc, Bitcoins are not managed by a central bank or by a Government. Bitcoins are managed by the whole bitcoin network, that is built on the blockchain technology. It’s almost completely anonymous and its price has been rising significantly, today, May 13th, 2017, 1 BTC is equal to 1’565.62EUR or $1’712.5USD.

New bitcoins are made by mining, which, right now, is practically useless for the everyday computer user. you’ll need to have dedicated hardware that can cost several thousand dollars, plus the money you’ll spend in electricity, only to earn some Bitcoins a month. Luckily for us, there are other ways to get Bitcoins. I personally use faucets, I’ve tested quite a few, some work quite well, while others, not that much. The other methods include cloud mining, gambling, investing and getting paid in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. But to use bitcoins you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. There are several options, but for the new user, I heavily suggest Xapo wallet. Xapo provides some other services beyond the simple bitcoin wallet, but the most important is the Xapo Card. It’s a normal debit card that you can use in an ATM to take out cash, make payments, etc. you can get a Xapo wallet here.


Faucets are places where you go to a page, put your bitcoin wallet public address (more on that later) and that’s your login. There will be a lot of ads on the page, and be warned, 99% of them are scams and fake sites, but that’s how the Faucet makes the money that will pay you. Some faucets pay directly to your Xapo Wallet (hence Xapo being my favourite) while others make you wait for a certain amount of Satoshi to withdraw to your public address. 1 Satoshi = 0.00’000’001 BTC. Personally, I prefer Faucets that pay directly to Xapo because that way I can have some level of control over my BTC.

The faucets that I’m currently using are the following. Also, all the links are referral links, meaning that if you start using the faucets from the links I put here, I’ll get a referral bonus from you, but you don’t get any less amount because of it. Basically. the referral system is a way that you help support my website.

  • Moonbitcoin: always pays directly to Xapo. Has 3 nice features. 1. You’ll get a daily bonus if you claim every day. Increases 1% for every consecutive day of claiming, up to 100%. 2. With every claim there’s a Mystery Bonus that can range from 1% to 100%. You can claim as many times as you want, with a minimum of 5 minutes intervals.
  • Fieldbitcoin: has a limit of 100 Satoshi before you can withdraw to a Xapo Wallet. Like Moonbitcoin, has a daily bonus and you can claim as many times as you want, with the minimum of 5 minutes interval. Doesn’t have the Mystery Bonus, but pays slightly more than Moonbitcoin. I’ve been using both in conjunction for some months now.
  • Bonus Bitcoin: you can claim every 15 minutes. Every day that offer 5% of your claims of the past 3 days, so if you claim regularly you’ll get a nice bonus every day. Also you can increase the amount of Satoshi earned by performing some tasks, like answering surveys or testing out applications (do this at your own risk and some of them could be spyware or malware).
  • Freebitcoin: This has a very interesting system. First, you can roll a “slot machine” every hour that can pay you from 0.00000118 BTC to 0.11757720 BTC as of today (this varies according to Bitcoin price). But this is not the interesting aspect of this site. When your freebitcoin wallet reaches 30’000 Satoshi they’ll start paying you compound interest of 4.08% yearly for the amount you have with then. At 30’000 Satoshi means about 8 Satoshi every day. Can’t say for sure because I way over that number. The best way to reach the 30’000 Satoshi is to channel your Xapo earnings to this account, that way you’ll reach the 30’000 threshold in no time and start earning compound interest. Also, if you use my referral link, every week freebitcoin will pay you a bonus of my earnings.
  • Bit Fun: I’m still testing this one out. Has a 10’000 Satoshi withdrawing threshold. Like Fieldbitcoin and Moonbitcoin, you can claim has many times as you want, with a minimum of 5 minutes intervals.


Task-performing are sites where you’ll get an amount of Satoshi per task completed. They range from clicking adds, filling surveys, testing apps and other stuff. Currently I’m only using one, that I believe that has the best ratio between payment and time used.

  • BTC Clicks: Basically you are directed to an advertisement page that must be open and in the forefront over a certain period of time (between 10 and 20 seconds), then will solve a captcha (usually simple math addition and subtraction) and you’re paid in Satoshi. When you reach 100Bits (that’s 10’000 Satoshi) you can withdraw your BTC.

Cloud mining

Never tried any. However, if you really want to get into mining check out Genesis Mining and Hashflare. They are the oldest ones around so they might worth checking.

Avoid scams

One of the biggest problems regarding Cryptocurrency is the sheer amount of scams there exist on the internet. 99% of bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, advertisement are scams. Some are more straightforward than other. I’ll leave you a small list of how to avoid scams.

  • Bitcoin duplicators – Usually recognised by the sentence: “give us an amount of Bitcoins and we’ll double it” or something similar. These are scams. You send your hard earn cryptocurrency and they are gone forever.
  • We’ll mine for you schemes – They look quite nice. You select the amount of Bitcoin you want to generate, like 0.5BTC and press start. A very nice looking terminal pops up and after a certain time, a few minutes you get the information that the chosen amount has been generated and the site requests your public address. You happily put it in and then the site tells you then in order to properly validate the transaction you need to pay a fee of around $10, but in BTC and they give you their public address for you to transfer the funds. They promise that as soon as your fee is validated by the blockchain you’ll get your BTC in your wallet. You happily pay and then you can wait until hell is frozen for you BTC. Stay away from any site that asks you money upfront!
  • Ponzi schemes – they work by making you invest, get others to invest, give you money that the others invested in order to make them more reliable and then, one day, they are simply gone and leave everyone out to dry. Don’t put money on sites that don’t provide public address key with proof of mine in the blockchain.

This list by no means covers every scheme out there. When in doubt apply the golden rule: “if it sounds too good to be true, then likely it isn’t true.”

Below are banners for some of the referral links in this page. I hope you guys enjoy this page and make a lot of money in Cryptocurrency. (And if you use my link, you’ll also help me to pay for the maintenance of the site) Banner

If I had to define my Fallout 4 Review in one word it would be “Outstanding!”

I’ve been playing Bethesda games ever since “The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind”. And they have been getting better and better with each new instalment. Some good mechanics have been lost along the way, like the need to repair weapons and apparel, but the new features have more than compensate for those losses.

The beginning premise of Fallout 4 is completely new, just like all the previous fallout games. Once again you start as a Vault Dweller, but this time, you’re not someone that runs away from the Vault (Fallout 3) or you’re send in a quest by the current Overseer (Fallout 1). In Fallout 4, you’re frozen in cryogenic suspension for 200 years, coming out just after you see your spouse murdered and your baby child been stolen away by two mysterious figures.

And from here on out, the world is your Oyster! The game is huge and despite the fact that there is some sense of urgency, you’re free to explore Post-War Boston at your leisure.
Two major additions to the game, from previous versions, are Settlement building and an amazing in-game mod system.

I don’t call Fallout 4 crafting system a pure craft system because you can’t actually build armour and weapons. You can only modify armours and weapons you have on your inventory, and not all armours are modifiable. You can, however, create the almost any chemical compound present in the game and you can cook food. I don’t know what future patches will bring, but I would definitely like to see a full crafting system, directly implemented by Bethesda, like we had in Skyrim. And I say this, because in Fallout: New Vegas, you could have recipes for weapons and armours, but they were from the modding community, not directly from the producer. The modding interface is quite good and when you change a mod on a weapon or armour, you don’t lose the replaced mod. It’s saved in your inventory for future applications, which is a great way to save resources and have several variations of the same weapon type available.

Settlement building is a great idea but poorly implemented. The concept is simple. You either go to an already established settlement and perform a task for the settlers there. After the task is performed they join you. The other method is you are sent to a “good location” to start a settlement, clear any hostile creatures/NPC’s in the area and you can start building stuff and broadcasting a signal for would-be settlers to join you. And this is where it gets weird. Building is instantaneous. You simply select what you want to build and if you have the required resources, it’s built. However, you have to move to the place where you want the contraption to be. I’m sure that in the future, construction can be improved, if not by Bethesda, then by modders.

True RPG setting, where everything, and I mean everything, matters!

As in previous games, Fallout 4 gives us an in-depth RPG experience from the first or third person perspective. There are moral choices with some grey areas. Sometimes it will not be clear as water the choice between good and evil, sometimes there will be bad choices, and bad not in the moral sense, but bad because the end result will not be what you’re expecting.

Everything that it’s not nailed to the floor can be useful (much to the annoyance of Codsworth) and when you’re in Settlement Building Mode even some of the stuff that seemed like nailed to the floor is useful.

Loot is like in previous games. You can basically loot everything that an NPC carries with him, being the end result you’ll be over-encumbered in no time, luckily your faithful companion is there to carry your burden. And keep in mind that each companion can only carry a certain amount of weight and that amount is not equal to every companion.

And speaking of companions, so far I found 3, but you can only have one at any given time (modders will solve this for sure), and as you adventure with them, we’ll develop your relationship with each of them, gaining a special perk that is only active while you’re with that specific companion.

Not all is well in Paradise, or in the case, in the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 has its shortcomings. Some are really game wrecking while others I think are more related with my personal taste as what an RPG should have.

Starting with the game wrecking stuff.

Settlements. As I said before, Settlements are one of the greatest new features of Fallout 4, but they are highly incomplete. While you can assign settlers to task like keeping defence positions or taking care of the plants, they don’t build anything by themselves. I would expect that some level of basic build would be applied, or at the very least, cleaning up the settlement area. No luck there. You have to do everything by yourself. Also, a building shouldn’t be instantaneous. It should take time, and you would need to assign settlers to the building task, settlers that would improve at that task over time, creating specialisation.

Crafting system. The fact that you can only modify weapons and armours that you have in your inventory is really annoying. And the fact that you can’t modify full armours or the “under-armours” really shows some short-sight from Bethesda. Also, you can’t use your companions and settlers perks and S. P. E. C. I. A. L. to craft thing. For instance, in Neverwinter Nights 2, if you wanted to create something but you didn’t meet the skill requirements, you could simply use a member of your party to craft that item, as long as he met the requirements. Here, you’re stuck to the stuff you can personally build.

Companions. What’s with this single companion policy? Really, Bethesda, by now you should have at least taken a peek at Nexus Mod Community and realise that mods that allow you to have more than one companion are among the most downloaded in all your RPG games. At the very least, we should be able to travel with one animal/robot and one sentient companion.

Dialogues. As in previous games, all dialogues are voice acted. This is, as usual, awesome. However, this time Bethesda decided that with only need to have 4 dialogue options at any given moment, and those options can be selected with the arrow keys on the keyboard, or with the direction keys on a console gamepad… Am I the only one to find this suspicious?

And now for the stuff that annoys me.

Repairing. So basically I can shoot a minigun until the pipes melt and even so, after cooling the weapon is more than ready to start shooting again? Or I can take a beating from a Super Mutant and after I’m near dead several times, but by the time the fight is over, I take a look at my armour is it’s good as new? Sorry guys but this doesn’t make sense at any level.

Enemies all-around. Almost everything in the Wasteland is set out to kill you, quite really. Traversing urban areas is like playing the Russian Rollete. Every other street is packed with raiders, gunners, scavengers or some other type of NPC that kills you on sight, and so far, I haven’t found a way to make some areas more secured.


Fallout 4 is an amazing game. It improves on every winning aspect of previous instalments of the serie and also implements some mechanics that were made popular with mods, like the Settlements, certainly inspired from the mod Settlers of the Wasteland for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
The game doesn’t hold your hand and guide you through a safe experience. It’s a dog’s world and you will be very aware of that at every corner. Just to give you fair warning, about one hour of starting the first game you will have a Boss fight.
So, if you want an in-depth RPG experience with a rich open world, in a post-apocalypse environment, then this is the game for your
If you liked this review and want to buy the game you can support me by buying the game from one of the links below. Fallout 4 – PC Fallout 4 (PC)

If you’re like me, you got super hyped about the release of Fallout 4 by Bethesda. My problem is that my laptop was released about 6 years ago so I was wondering if my machine could run the game at a smooth fps rate.

Well I’ve got great news for you.

Beginning with the introductions, my laptop is an HP Pavilion with an intel core i7 3610QM (2th generation) at 2.3GHz, 8 GB of ram, A nVidia GPU G630M with 2GB dedicated memory.

According to system requirement labs, this machine should not be able to run, even at a low definition. But I decided to give it a try with a help of a friend that bought the game.

We install the game, set it to the lowest definition possible and run it at full screen.

The game behaves nicely, some lag, but quite enjoyable. That was until I went to an area crowded with enemies. The lag became so high that the game was unplayable. I was ready to quit trying but then remembered that a few months ago I tried to run The Witcher 3 on this same machine and couldn’t do it in an enjoyable fashion. Until I change the graphic settings to window mode with border. So I decided to try it out with Fallout 4 and magic happened.

The game behaves magnificently, steady fps, smooth gameplay. The details are not as excellent as on a high-end machine, but if you’re in a hype to try this game and have a machine as old as mine, with similar specs, you can give it a try.

Cheers and happy gaming!

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New topics

New home, new topics to explore!

With the moving to a new home, it’s time to expand the topics of this blog.

While this site was hosted on WorPpress free hosting service, I limited myself on expanding the topics of the blog. I’ve always tried to keep it centred on technology reviews and my own considerations on technology advancement, and never really expanded it beyond that.

But technology advanced so much since I started the blog and I now feel the need to expanded on several topics. These topics will have a link to technology, internet services, applications and games for Personal Computers and/or smartphones, but also things that the internet evolution now allows.

Here’s a brief list of the topics that I plan to implement in the near future

  • E-books Self-publishing;
  • Indie musicians and their work;
  • E-learning and e-learning platforms;

Regarding the e-learning, I’ve been studying some courses on several topics, especially on web-development on Udemy and on Stacksill. as a result, I’ve also started a “company” so to speak.

Dreamcaster Studio is officially the place where all the stuff that I’ll create will be put. My plans for future creations include:

  • Two separate books, one in a fantasy setting and another on a scientific fiction setting;
  • An RPG system that will take place on the worlds where the books also take place;
  • A companion application for this site and for Dreamcaster Studio for Android;
  • All the graphics designs that I’ll be making for the books;
  • Eventually a couple of games for Android and Windows.

I’ll also use this site to promote most of my affiliate market stuff as well as my fiverr profile.

Show stay tuned for more updates.

The history of Computers as I lived it – Part 1.

When I started Dr3amcast3r Reviews in 2010, my main objective was to share my reviews on technology.

Truth be told, I never really put much effort behind the blog. But after 5 years, I’ve been forced to move forward, or as a friend of mine that knows me for 15 years, it’s time to move back to my roots.

Please allow me to tell you a few things about myself.

I was born in 1982, back when the most advanced cell phone was this “thing” below.cell phones in 1982

I’ve always loved technology and the amazing things that we can do with it’s advancement. I got my first computer when I was 8 years old, when I was in the second year of basic instruction. It was an Europc from Schneider, that booted with a 3,5″ floppy disc. I loved that machine. With it I learn to make basic “Dos” programs, did works for school, browsed a program called “World Atlas” that also booted from a 3,5″ floppy.

europc schneider

I used this computer until I was 12 years old. By then I got an Intel Pentium P54C @ 120Mhz. It had a hard drive of 120 Megabytes, which, at the time was more space than I could fill.

This was my machine for the next 4 years. By this time, I was quite proficient in creating small ms-dos programs and small customizations on Windows 3.1.

I got my first internet access in late 1998 with a dial up 56K modem along with a brand new computer, an AMD Athlon 1500+ with a 120 Gigabytes of hard drive and 128 Megabytes of ram. I remember this well because it was at the same time that Starcraft was launched. With this new computer (that was a bomb at the time), a whole new world opened for me. Early 1999 I got my first broadband internet service, cable internet @ 128kilobits per second. With this, I could do downloads @ 5-7 Kilobytes per second, that was a humongous improvement over the average 1-3 kilobytes per second with the dial-up modem.

Back then, only 16 years ago, the “big thing” was Internet Relay chat, mainly accessed by the program mIRC and it’s various customizations. This was also when I was first introduced to the concept of “Internet Security” and “Hacking”. Back in those days there no concepts like “White-hats” or “black-hats” like I see everywhere on the internet. “Hackers” where hackers. Their motto was “Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information” or “If it’s hidden then it’s to be discovered!”. By this time I was ending my mandatory education, I was on the 12th grade of mandatory education and getting ready to apply to a course of Computers Engineering. I devoured everything and anything related with computers, internet security, virus and anti-virus, programming languages, and all subjects related with internet and technology.

In 2001, living in an atmosphere of excitement that I was going to the University studying computers science, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was immediately in love with it. I had heard in the past of Acupuncture, one of the Techniques of Chinese Medicine, but never put any faith on it. But somehow, when I heard of Chinese Medicine I decided, at that precise moment, that that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I applied for a Traditional Chinese Medicine School in Portugal. I was still working with my, now old, AMD Athlon when, in 2004, due to a power source failure it stopped working for good. I needed a new computer. Because I was in the University I thought that it was time to move to a portable computer, or as they were called “transportable computers” because those things were anything but portable. They were heavy, the computer I bought weighed 4,5 kilograms (that’s around 9 pounds), weak when compared with the desktop equivalent, expensive (still are), but you could carry them around, which was perfect to do work groups at school, make presentations for classes, and many other activities. These “Transportable Computers” gave me a freedom that I never had before. I still have that machine working with Linux, one of my old passions.

Stay tuned for the second part of this history, where I’ll travel from the “Transportable Computers” to the age of Tablets and Smartphones where even the weakest of this devices have more computational power that a hundred of Europc’s put together.



Second instalment of Divinity: Original Sin is coming via Crowdfunding!

Today I write to talk about an amazing Kickstarter project. Larian Studios has an accomplished history as a gaming studio. They didn’t need Kickstarter to make the second instalment of Divinity: Original Sin (D:OS), but they did it because they wanted to hear from the community, the gamers. This, for me, is the way to go. Develop the game that people want to play, by talking with them.

The project is in it’s last 24 hours and with “only” 170K to go to reach the last stretch goal I’ve decided to give them the help I can.

So here’s the link for the Kickstarter Project Page Divinity: Original Sin 2, check it out and if you think it deserves it, pledge it.


On the 23nd of April, 2015, the internet exploded with the announcement of paid mods. The first game to have it implemented was Skyrim.

Skyrim is an amazing game. It’s one of the games where I’ve put more hours and effort ever. But I’m against paying for mods. I’m even against paying for low grade dlc (like special cloths or a re-skinned weapon). Mods are the main reason why I do pc gaming. When I look at the modded interface of Skyrim next to the standard interface that console gamers have to endure, I realize that I’ll never play a game on console that has modding options on the pc.

And them I started thinking, would Skyrim be as enjoyable, for me, as it has been without mods like Vilja, Frostfall, Amazing Followers Tweaks or Ultimate Followers Overhaul, Immersive Armours, Crafting Overhaul, etc?

This mods are the core of my play, among many others. How would be my game without them, because I wouldn’t buy them. I’ve paid Bethesda for the game, if anyone should pay the modders, it should be the Producers or the Distribution Platform (Steam in this case).

But the worst here, is that the mods mentioned above only add content to the game or rebalance stuff (that should have been already balanced), making the game more enjoyable. Other mods/tools actually make the game playable. Stuff like SKSE or SkyUI are essential to most mods right now. The Unofficial Patchs solve more bugs with each release than all of Bethesda patches put together. When Heartfire came out it broke Breezehome (in Whiterun). With paid mods people would either have to pay to fix something introduced by the game Producer or wait months (more or less one year) to have the problem fixed (partially) by a pacth from Bethesda.

But, allow me to share with you my mod history with Skyrim.

When first started the game and I was presented with it’s interface, I was horrified. It looked like something ripped from a console menu (and later I discover that it was). There had to be something better. I discover SkyUI, but implement it I needed SKSE. And my interface got a lot better. I cleared Riverwood and all of it’s quest, travelling back and forth for ages to clear a dungeon of it’s loot, but got good money for it. Then I was told that I should warn the Jarl of Whiterun that the Dragons were back. And with that I got my first house and my first follower. That’s when I realize that I could only have one follower. No can do. I’m the Dragonborn, I should be commanding an army, not being a one man army. A new search on Nexus lead me to Ultimate Followers Overhaul, later to be replaced with Amazing Follower Tweaks. After this I realized that it was hard to check the time of day and the date (for stores purposes), so I found A Matter of Time, which in term lead me to realize that time spent in fast travel was broken. Walking I would take 10 minutes of game time going from Breezehome to the Whiterun Stables, via fast travel it would be like 2 hours. A new search lead me to Fast travel timescale fix. By them I had realized that Lydia was next to useless in any fight. I needed a better companion. Nexus once again was a saver. I found Vilja and Cerwiden, my main followers up until today. My next bacth of quests lead me to Windhelm. When I arrived there it was in the middle of a snowstorm and I was dressed with a simple leather armor. I should be freezing to death, but the dragonborn is in perfect health… That shouldn’t be right. I wanted to actually feel the need to protect my character from dying of cold. A new search lead me to Frostfall. And a whole new world of needs appeared. Now I had to be careful with what I wear, couldn’t be just the strongest armour I had at the moment, but one that adapt to the weather conditions. This lead me to another problem (and I’m a packrat). Weight! My to options where going for immersion or “cheating”. I chosen immersion. Back in my Oblivion days I had a mod called “DnD portable hole”. there must exist something similiar for Skyrim. There wasn’t, but there was the next best thing, A bag of holding (and yes, this is DnD inspired also). There are several, but this one is my favourite. This was when realized that: a) the crafting system was crap and b) the amount of armours was very limited. These two facts lead me to Complete Crafting Overhaul and Immersive Armors. And many more. Along the way I always had the Unofficial Patches up-to-date, along with several other mods that I really enjoy, like Skyrim Adventurers Tent and General Stores.Could I have enjoyed Skyrim as much as I did without all of theses mods? My answer is but one: No! The mods add value to the game, they add more content, balanced the game, can make full scale changes to the game, like Tropical Skyrim, where would change from a nothern region to a tropical paradise, or a new full scale region, with quests and NPCs like Faalskar.All things consider, shouldn’t modders by rewarded for their hard work. Of course! But by the company that is actually earning money from the mods. Would Skyrim be the game that he is today without the modding community? the answer is quite simple: No!Without mods Skyrim would have died a long time ago, likely right after hearthfire (that introduced more bugs than content).Now, all across the web people have been banding toghether to fight against this. But how to fight. Well there are several ways. I list some.

      Join the

reddit discussion started by Gabe Newell

      ;Join the Steam groups that are against paying mods;Write and

e-mail to Gabe Newell

    (just select Gabe Newell in the “To:” dropdown menu);Boycott Steam Workshop;Boycott Steam as a whole (summer sale is coming up, resist the temptation).

The rest is just wait and see.

I’ve been using the android platform since 2009. My first phone was a MyTouch 3G (aka Sapphire or HTC Magic). After that I upgraded to a Nexus S, then a Xperia P (inherit from my girlfriend that went apple) and now I’ve got a Moto G 2nd (2014). In between I got an Asus tablet (the TF101) and used for a few months a borrowed Wildfire S.

I’ve been using an Android phone since 1.5 Cupcake, and I’m now in version 5.0.2 Lollipop. It’s has been a great journey, one that I hope won’t end anytime soon. However, there is a feature that has been missing since day one. How to I migrate the progress I’ve got at a given game from one device to the other or between installations. Even if someone never installs another version of Android besides stock rom, there will be a time when it’s necessary to do a factory reset to the phone/tablet. Or you just want to upgrade to a newer and better device. When we are talking about a windows/mac computer, all you need is to copy certain files/folders and all your games progress is backed up for a new install/device. Not with Android. With Android, you’re limited to a) restart a game from scratch at every new installation or b) have a rooted device. Considering how easy it is for most devices to root it, this seems to be the obvious alternative (unless you like to spend another 3 hours doing that tutorial again). But (and there is always a but), rooting your device voids the warranty… That is annoying.

I’m no expert on programming, but, would it be that hard to create a tool that allows us to back up information between devices/installations? Because we can already back-up musics, photos and other stuff. But what about other information? Text messages, call logs and game progress.

Some companies, like Motorola solved the first two problem with “Migrate”, other companies, like Supercell (Clash of Clans) or Com2Us (Summoners Wars) also solved the problem, the first by linking your game progress to your google+ ID and the second one by making you register at their website. But this are two companies, in a universe of thousands.

So, gentlemen at Google, be so kind and to think about an app that, out of the box, allows us to back-up important information (and yes, I consider game progress as important).


Technical information

Post grammar reviewed by

With the attack against “Charlie Hebbo” the world joined in rage against what was classified as an assault on the Freedom of Speech – keystone of every democracy in the civilized world. Over the web #JeSuisCharlie manifestations multiplied… People were shocked at the brutality of the attack against people that were only expressing themselves in the spirit of the Freedom of Speech… and all the hypocrisy started.
In Paris, the heads of State or their representants walked against the attack, including representants of Nations that still violate the Freedom of Speech within their borders. And the worst part was that the initial photos gave the impression that those V.I.P. were at the head of a massive manifestation, when, in fact, they were completely alone. The main manifestation was several blocks away.
In the same week, the extremist group “Boku Haran” made an attack in Liberia where over two thousand people were killed… and the world didn’t notice it, only because the assault was not  in Europe.
I’m not saying that the attack was not violent or brutal. That the attack on a journal can be considered as an assault on Freedom of Speech. But let’s be completely honest for a few minutes.
The cartoons drawn and published by Charlie Hebo are, at the very least, disgusting for everyone. They reflect what’s worst on the so-called Freedom of Speech. And if I, that am not a Muslim, consider those images offensive, what would someone that has been raised since childhood to consider the figure of Moameth as holy, feel when those obnoxious things were printed?
For the majority of the Muslims, an offense against the Prophet or against their sister/master/daughter is exactly the same. And how many of the citizens of civilized Europe or America, would be calm and tranquil if a daughter, a mother or sister was offended in the same that Charlie Hebbo insulted the Prophet?
Very few indeed. 
This kind of violence, in itself is horrendous, but so was the attitude of the cartoonists, the editor that approved it and the authorities, that did nothing to prevent the journal from pouring gasoline on the fire. The difference here is that #CharlieHebo violence was mainly psychological, the radicals violence was purely physical. Both reveal what’s worst in the human behavior.
Violence will always originate violence. How many times have we heard stories of people that got a beating after saying something more aggressive to someone. In those stories, we always consider the physical aggressor an uncivilized person. But what about the person that offended the other with his uncivilized speech?
That’s why I can’t be Charlie. Saying “Je suis Charlie” is the same as saying “I agree that others are free to offend in the worst possible manner my family and loved ones without any fear of consequences.”
And, I’m terrible sorry, but people have to face the consequences of their actions, not with their lives, as it happened, but face the consequences they must.

After supporting three “Kickstarter” projects I think is time to say a few words about the system.
The concept behind “Kickstarter” is quite ingenious. You have a project that you want to fund but you can’t reach the money for it because:
a) you’re not rich;
b) you don’t have rich friends/family or you have but they are not willing to support your project;
c) you can’t offer the security the bank wants.
Here is where “Kickstarter” kicks in.
You create the project, you get it “running” more or less, you make a campaign that runs for thirty days and sell your fish to thousands of potential supporters worldwide. However, it’s not that simple.
From what I’ve been seeing of the projects present at the platform, there seem to be some general guidelines to ensure that your project gets funded. Please be advised that I myself never made any campaigns on “Kickstarter”. What I write is my conclusions from what I’ve seen on the platform itself and from the projects I’ve followed/backed.
1 – You need to show something to the would be supporters. A simple sketch like is not getting you any funds. A concept product or a alpha-version of what you want to make is really necessary. Most people are not going to bet their money on a concept sketched on a piece of paper.
2 – You project needs to be something that lots of people will find useful and/or be very well advertised. The more people back you up the more you can make addons to the project, hire professionals for specific task, etc, etc.
2 – You need some sort of support from other people. For instance, The “Star Trek – Axanar” project counts with the support of several key actors from the “Star Trek” series. That in it’s self helped a lot getting them the funds to make the movie.
3 – Have nice rewards for the several tiers of backers, as well as engaging add-ons to the project for when you go over the initial funding target. Don’t be afraid to lose some money on several key tiers and with limited early bird tiers, they will get you the initial momentum that the project needs to get noticed.

While some projects go over their funding targets on the first few hours of campaign, other struggle to reach it’s target almost to the end of it and them go completely over and unlock lot’s of addons, while other don’t reach it’s target and don’t get funded.
Why this happen? Has far as I can discern those that get funded in the first few hours are project that either “are exactly what people have been waiting for” or have an excellent campaign behind it, ever before getting the “Kickstarter” campaign actually start.
The second group I think are projects that are so innovative or “out of the box” that people take sometime to notice it, but after that they go completely over target.
The third general group is field, in it’s majority, by project that are either poorly campaign (but good projects) or projects that people simply are interested with.

If after this post you want to start a funding campaign at “Kickstarter”, make sure that your project doesn’t fall on the third group because of bad campaigning. It’s preferable to delay the start of the campaign and ensure that everything is ready to go than to start right now and them have a thousand problems to solved that can cost you your project.
Here are some links of suceseful projects, some of them full commercial brands/business right now.
Adonit Jot
Star Trek – Axanar
Wasteland 2
Tabletop Connect
Demonwars: Reformation