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So I finally bought an Omnia II. At first I was surprised by the screen size, it appears to be a lot more slim in pictures, and second I was simply amazed with the quality of the screen. It appears to have a self-glow that gives an all new experience of cellphone screen. The amoled screen just looks great. My first, and so far unique, backslash is the stylus pen. Normally HTC has the stylus inserted on the phone casing, while samsung has a pen that get secure to the phone through and little line. 🙁

I haven’t had a lot of time to try it out and tweak it, and according with what I’ve been reading at xda and modaco, it seems that this phone as a lot of out-of-the-box tweaks available which is great.

So stay tune for more comments on what appears to be a very well bought piece of technology.


Ok… so here I am, writting another review for a pocket pc, wordpress for android, this time on my android.
Right now, I’m just trying the publish tool.
So far it appears to have all need to publish this post.
We have the bold, italic, link and quote buttons. The application allows to add media (images), categorize the post and set Tags.
Final verdict: 8/10
Pros: does what’s suppose to do, share blog on the fly; has the most needed edition tools; the layout is simple.
Cons: lacks the ability to function off-line, it would be nice to write your post on the fly and comfortable upload them as soon as you have a wi-fi network available.

Review written on an HTC Magic running 1.6 Donut

P.s. the photo was taken from my cell phone

I’m no going for 4th attempt to install Manila on this rom, let’s see if this is the one 🙂

So here’s my first review on technology. For a kick off I decide to use a rom for my HTC prophet that I’ve been using for some weeks now.

The rom works great on the phone and the installation is super easy, specially if you already have an engineering SPL (which was my case). The zip file that contains the rom also comes with the installer. And you must have active sync (or Vista equivalent) installed on you pc.

The installation is quick and very simple, just follow the instructions on the pc screen and keep pushing next. After you installed the rom, the phone is good to go. The only backslash is the wi-fi. I was unable to activated out-of-the-box but after I installed the HTC Network wizard (also available on xda) the wi-fi started working perfectly.

After a clean install I got 60MB of free memory, which is great for installing some more app or games. The rom is stable and fast.

Final verdict on the Rom: 9/10

pros: easy to install thanks to the install tool that comes in the zip; stability, fast rom, you can get a taste of windows mobile 6.5 on your old HTC Prophet

cons: wi-fi need’s extra file to work (maybe it’s not the dev’s fault); no Manila (have been trying to work that one out)


Rom thread on xda