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A few weeks ago I decided that I wouldn’t wait any longer for the “masters” at AT&T resolve in gracing us with android 2.2 for MyTouch 3G (my android phone), so I went ahead with the plan of rooting my device and installing CM 6.0.

I had been reading the CM wiki and forum for a few months, in order to be on the safe side and make sure that I would lose the minimal information and data possible.

The tools I used where:

My ride was everything but a smooth one.

My first mistake was to try to backup stuff without root access 🙂 But that was easily solved with Universal Androot and following the site instructions and installing Titanium Backup afterwards with a full backup right after.

Then came my second problem. Making my M$ Vista recognize my phone in fast boot. You need to install the SDK tools, make the full update and only after that connect your phone, already on fast boot to the pc. Then, don’t choose install automatically, choose “Search folders and specificly locations” (or something like that) and target the folder x:sdktoolsdrivers (where “x” is the drive letter) and install. And puff you can now use the command prompt to stream the recovery to your phone.

At this point you should already have on your sd card the following:

  • Rom of choice (for this post CM6.0)
  • The recovery you want to install (Amon_Ra)
  • Google apps at choice

Use the screens to apply the rom and restart the phone. If you, by any chance want to flash a recovery file and after the streaming of amon_ra, adb stops recognizing the phone, don’t worry, you can solve it later. I worried for nothing 🙂 I just applied the rom and make the huge mistake to flash the wrong google apps pack, so I had to reset the device and flash the correct one (some people at Cyannogen forum might remember the thread I made before realizing my mistake).

And whatever you do, you must wipe your phone.  I tried without wipe and the rom didn’t even boot (I actually thought I had bricked my phone). After the rom was up and running it was time for the restoration of my personal data. Contacts, Calender (not that important) and messages (deadly important).

I went back to Titanium Backup and attempted a full restoration, that messed up my phone so badly I just did another wipe. After the 3rd wipe because off bad restorations I decided to make a selective restoration, mainly of sms and some other data.

After this I just use Rom Manager (that comes with the rom) to install Amon_Ra Recovery, reinstall some of my apps, most of them I didn’t reinstall because I didn’t actually used them 🙂

My only two problems right now is that none of my previously installed apk via market where there for me to download again and the market takes a lot of time to download apk, even at wi-fi right next to the router (like half a meter away from it)

At endnotes I want to thanks Cyannogen for the great work he’s done on this rom. Much faster than the stock rom I had, and thanks all the devs behind the tools I used to make my upgrade smooth and possible 🙂

Francisco Ribeiro

I’m no going for 4th attempt to install Manila on this rom, let’s see if this is the one 🙂

So here’s my first review on technology. For a kick off I decide to use a rom for my HTC prophet that I’ve been using for some weeks now.

The rom works great on the phone and the installation is super easy, specially if you already have an engineering SPL (which was my case). The zip file that contains the rom also comes with the installer. And you must have active sync (or Vista equivalent) installed on you pc.

The installation is quick and very simple, just follow the instructions on the pc screen and keep pushing next. After you installed the rom, the phone is good to go. The only backslash is the wi-fi. I was unable to activated out-of-the-box but after I installed the HTC Network wizard (also available on xda) the wi-fi started working perfectly.

After a clean install I got 60MB of free memory, which is great for installing some more app or games. The rom is stable and fast.

Final verdict on the Rom: 9/10

pros: easy to install thanks to the install tool that comes in the zip; stability, fast rom, you can get a taste of windows mobile 6.5 on your old HTC Prophet

cons: wi-fi need’s extra file to work (maybe it’s not the dev’s fault); no Manila (have been trying to work that one out)


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