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Blizzard releases World Of Warcraft Remote Auction House – Android and Me.

So I checked this news on Android and me last night through their widget for android (quite handy the little thing) and I decided to try it out this morning.

The application looks great and it seems to be quite useful for every wow player out there. However, there’s a huge but. So Blizzard wants us to pay another monthly fee for access something that should be free? The 11 million players (or something like that) are no longer enough? Well blizzard, I’m keeping the application on my droid, I’ll used it to check if an Auction was successful, but I’m not paying you another €uro for more features.

After this, here goes the analisys on the application itself.

The layout is clean and intuitive. you can choose from all the chars in your account, and if you happen to have more than one characters, on different realms with the same name, Blizzard was kind enough to put the realm information bellow the character name.

There’s a lot of info you can access on the free version, notably inbox free space, check your Auctions, and, using the Create option you can check your bags for every characters 😉

Bottom line, in my humble opinion, the people that are going to use the pay version will be the addicts (shame on Blizzard for that) and the Gold farmers/traders. We can expect in the near future more and more “I sell gold” messages in the near future since the gold farmers can now run instances like crazy and don’t even need to go to one of the Capital Cities to post the loot on the AH.

Couldn’t try more of it’s features because I’m not paying more than the monthly fee to play WoW.



  • Great application, should have been realease sooner, but that’s ok.
  • Fast (tested over wi-fi)
  • Clean Interface
  • If you’re a dumb ass and pay Blizzard the extra cash you can send your loot to the Auction House from anywhere in the world, both real and virtual


  • Not free for the full version
  • Can’t send mails to others (would be great)

Classification: 6/10 (make it free and I’ll raise the score

My second review of an Android application, this time thanks to great community of XDA

User Rolle3k has develop a ripper for youtube that I had the honor of try today.

The concept is quite simple. After instalation do the following

  1. You browse youtube with the built-in application and choose the video you want to view and download after;
  2. press menu and chose the “share” option;
  3. from the multiple options presented, choose youtube ripper;
  4. there will be a text box saying the web adress of the video you’re about to rip, ignore it;
  5. press “rip it” wait a little bit (depends on wi-fi/3G speed) and it’s done.

Please note: do not turn your screen or the download we’ll stop. Hope the dev solves this, since it’s only a beta release.

The program saves the files as .mp4 on a folder called “youtube” on your sd card. It’s quite fast, took 12seconds to rip a 2Mb file on my wi-fi and 32seconds on my 3G network.

Tested on a MyTouch 3G 32B, stock Donut 1.6

Originality: 6/10 – there are more apk that attempt to do this
functionality: 8/10 if we could choose the target folder and file name it would be 10/10
usefullness: 10/10 sometimes I see this great video on my android and want to save it, this does the job 🙂
General: 7/10 it’s still a Beta so a lot of work is on the way, but it’s my conviction that Rolle3k will succeed

Bottom line:
It’s a great application and we can only hope to see more of it in the future. I suggest everyone to install it and give it a try. And the price is also good – it’s free, but don’t forget, people have to eat so press the adds and donate if you feel the application is really good.

News page about the application on xda

Application thread on xda

p.s. sorry for not posting any screenshot but since I’m running on a stock rom I can’t take any (hope google solves it in the near future)