New home, new topics to explore!

With the moving to a new home, it’s time to expand the topics of this blog.

While this site was hosted on WorPpress free hosting service, I limited myself on expanding the topics of the blog. I’ve always tried to keep it centred on technology reviews and my own considerations on technology advancement, and never really expanded it beyond that.

But technology advanced so much since I started the blog and I now feel the need to expanded on several topics. These topics will have a link to technology, internet services, applications and games for Personal Computers and/or smartphones, but also things that the internet evolution now allows.

Here’s a brief list of the topics that I plan to implement in the near future

  • E-books Self-publishing;
  • Indie musicians and their work;
  • E-learning and e-learning platforms;

Regarding the e-learning, I’ve been studying some courses on several topics, especially on web-development on Udemy and on Stacksill. as a result, I’ve also started a “company” so to speak.

Dreamcaster Studio is officially the place where all the stuff that I’ll create will be put. My plans for future creations include:

  • Two separate books, one in a fantasy setting and another on a scientific fiction setting;
  • An RPG system that will take place on the worlds where the books also take place;
  • A companion application for this site and for Dreamcaster Studio for Android;
  • All the graphics designs that I’ll be making for the books;
  • Eventually a couple of games for Android and Windows.

I’ll also use this site to promote most of my affiliate market stuff as well as my fiverr profile.

Show stay tuned for more updates.