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One of my main problem with having a windows mobile phone and a linux netbook is how to copy files from the netbook to the pocket pc and the other way around. In my Android I have an application that solves me the problem, aFile, which transforms you phone on a mobile server you can browse via a web-browser on your pc. But, alas, my problem is on my Windows mobile pc and not on my Android… that was until link8506 dropped is Wifi Remote Access on Xda-developers forum. And thank God he did 🙂 And the best part is… the application is also available on OMarket, meaning you can download it directly to your pocket pc.

So let’s check the Application it self.

When you start the application you are greet with the below screen where you can change a lot of stuff, but most important, to enable the remote access

Here the Remote access is already enabled

Once that’s done you just type the ip address on a web-browser and, put in the password you choose before and your good to go.

The server offer the basic file/folder operations like rename, delete, add folder, upload file, among other. For a full description of the operations please check the application thread on Xda.

Here are some screens of some of the operations I made.



  • Efficient
  • Just what I was needing for my daily work;
  • Secure, you need a password to open the “file server”
  • Basic operations are there


  • The interface could use a little work (but it’s great as it is)

Classification: 9/10 Let’s wait for version 2.0 to give a perfect score


Xda-developers news about the application

Xda-developers application thread

Technical sheet:

  • Application tested on Samsung Omnia 2 I8000
  • Review written on the web application via “Firefox” 3.6.3 for Windows Vista
  • Computer used: Asus Laptop (don’t recall model) running Windows Vista
  • Screen shots of pc actions where taken using Fireshot extension for Firefox
  • Screen shots of pocket pc action where taken using Ilium Screen Capture for windows mobile
  • Pictures uploaded to dropbox for usage via Droppedboxx for windows mobile

So I was browsing trough xda looking at some of the news, specially the news app that the guys at the forum are always releasing and I decided to try one out, but I wanted to post some pics of it on the review. That took me on another search, and in this type of cases, google is your friend.

As a result of the search I came across the ilium screen capture tool (first result on google actually). I try it out and decided to share you, my estimated readers, my opinion about the tool itself.

The application is quite simple. You just start it from the start menu or from a shortcut and you are presented with the screen below.

By pressing menu you can choose some options.

The second one allows you to choose the hardware button to press in order to take the shots and the length, in seconds, of the timer.

The timer option, when pressed  will take a screen shot in x seconds (that can be changed in the options menu)

The third option is quite interesting actually. Ilium software produces more applications. via the “More” menu you can download them to you device directly which is quite handy 🙂


  • The software does what the producer say it does. A very simple, low-weight, and straight foward application. It’s ideal for people that want to take screenshots of they are doing.
  • The web-site allows you to download the .cab, meaning you can install it on the fly
  • One single note: when the app is running the chosen hardware button will only perform the screen capture, the default action of the chosen button will be override.


  • You can’t choose the destination folder or the base name of the files.

Classification: 9/10


Ilium Software
Screen Capture

Technical sheet:

  • Application tested on Samsung Omnia 2 I8000
  • Review written on the web application via “Chrome” for linux
  • Computer used: Asus eee pc 901 running eeebuntu nbr 9.10
  • Screen shots of pocket pc action where taken using Ilium Screen Capture for windows mobile
  • Pictures uploaded to dropbox for usage via Droppedboxx for windows mobile

Third post about my Omnia, this time I’ll dicussing gaming on Omnia.

The amoled screen makes you have an amazing gaming experience. The games I’ve tried run very smoothly, almost flawlessly. The sound is also very nice. There is however a huge negative point.

No directional buttons 🙁 If for most games this is not a problem, for the ones I specially like, it’s a huge problem. You see, my favourite games for a handled are RPG and Strategy games. Playing those games without directional buttons is complicated at best. Another negative point is the lack of an “confirm” button. In HTC devices, the center button confirms option, function that is very handy in most RPG pocket pc games and most Strategy games.

to be concluded

So I bought an Omnia II. The first thing I decide to try was the video options right on the day I bought the phone I recorded a video from a concert at a cultural forum. The video and sound quality is simply amazing. And a positive point I must refer that the device was in my hand, not a support and the room was full of people.

After this try out I decide to test the dvix playback on the device. I’m a big fan of “Legend of the Seeker” so I copy the latest episode (s02e16 I think) to the device and started the playback. And it came my first disapointment. Altought the playback is quite smooth, the image quality is unclear at best. The colors are wrong as you can see on below.

on the other hand, I also tested the video playback with an episode of “Queen’s Blade” and the quality is very nice.

So, the point right now is: Does the bad colour quality on “Legend of the Seeker” is due to be a “people” video, or is it the codec? My guess goes for the first because I also tried the playback with “Stargate: Universe” and “Star Trek: Voyager” with the same lousy results in therms of colour.

Bottom line: It’s a good option to see movies and videos because I don’t have to convert them to mp4, like I have to do to see the videos on my android or my psp 1000; but if I have the time to convert the videos, I’ll definitely go for the android or psp option.

p.s. the pictures where taken from my android, and as far as I can tell, the p0int I want to make, about the colour, is quite explicit.

So I finally bought an Omnia II. At first I was surprised by the screen size, it appears to be a lot more slim in pictures, and second I was simply amazed with the quality of the screen. It appears to have a self-glow that gives an all new experience of cellphone screen. The amoled screen just looks great. My first, and so far unique, backslash is the stylus pen. Normally HTC has the stylus inserted on the phone casing, while samsung has a pen that get secure to the phone through and little line. 🙁

I haven’t had a lot of time to try it out and tweak it, and according with what I’ve been reading at xda and modaco, it seems that this phone as a lot of out-of-the-box tweaks available which is great.

So stay tune for more comments on what appears to be a very well bought piece of technology.

I’m no going for 4th attempt to install Manila on this rom, let’s see if this is the one 🙂

So here’s my first review on technology. For a kick off I decide to use a rom for my HTC prophet that I’ve been using for some weeks now.

The rom works great on the phone and the installation is super easy, specially if you already have an engineering SPL (which was my case). The zip file that contains the rom also comes with the installer. And you must have active sync (or Vista equivalent) installed on you pc.

The installation is quick and very simple, just follow the instructions on the pc screen and keep pushing next. After you installed the rom, the phone is good to go. The only backslash is the wi-fi. I was unable to activated out-of-the-box but after I installed the HTC Network wizard (also available on xda) the wi-fi started working perfectly.

After a clean install I got 60MB of free memory, which is great for installing some more app or games. The rom is stable and fast.

Final verdict on the Rom: 9/10

pros: easy to install thanks to the install tool that comes in the zip; stability, fast rom, you can get a taste of windows mobile 6.5 on your old HTC Prophet

cons: wi-fi need’s extra file to work (maybe it’s not the dev’s fault); no Manila (have been trying to work that one out)


Rom thread on xda